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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lights! Camera!

Among some of the cool things that my dear SO gave me this year was a golf bag and a Swiss Army backpack...

and this:

Smith Victor - ImageMaker Light Tent Kit

So I had to try it out...

Socks That Rock Moss Agate

Early Spring cuff detail

SO's socks in LL Mineshaft

We're ready for our closeup Mr. DeMille.

I saw that Marnie got a similar one the other day, and I agree with her completely. Having the colors come out even close to correct is so nice. That photo of the STR yarn is something I wouldn't have been able to achieve without natural light... if even. The LL Mineshaft didn't turn out exactly true to color, but I should have used a different backdrop. Now I need to introduce the backdrop to the steamer and figure out how to adjust for LCD vs. CRT. To me, the photos look richer on a CRT. Isn't there always something?

Anyway, I'm one happy camper. The jacket's going back into the closet.



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