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Friday, March 16, 2007

What did you say?

Update: Since this post, I tightened up the nuts and screws on the Fricke and it's much quieter. I really like this wheel, its versatility, and the yarn that I've made with it. Link to all posts about the Fricke.


I've been so busy at work it's been difficult to blog all the topics I want to blog about. Here's a post I wanted to write almost a week ago.

Spinnity & Kristi hosted a March spin-in and I was happy to attend with my new-to-me Fricke. Cookie, Jeni, Margit (the Fiber Fiend!), Nathania, Aija, Lori, & Hannah were all there enjoying the music, food, and company.

Margit brought some Mars Superwash roving for Aija so now Nathania, Aija, and I are part of the Mars Colony.

Fiber Fiend! Superwash Merino Roving .
I can't wait to see what theirs looks like. Here's Aija's so far. Very nice.

I'm really enjoying the spin-ins. Being a new spinner, it's great to see what other people are spinning, talk about plying and color, and marvel at the technique and near-perfect singles all around. Spinning with others also motivates me to spin and think about my next fiber & project. Knitting groups made a similar impression on me way back when.


My humble wheel looked so plain when compared to the pretty wheels in the room... but plain isn't so bad. I can deal with plain because it makes such pretty yarn. We talked about possibilities for embellishing the Fricke--I thought about stenciling, but someone mentioned a black & white spiral design. You know, that design that brings to mind a hypnotist? I wouldn't see it since I sit behind the wheel, but I'm sure no one would want to face me. I'd have to spin facing a corner. A spinner's time-out.

No hypnotic design for the wheel, but I definitely need some new bobbins. Fricke made much more noise than the other wheels. Grace warned me before I bought it. Normally I like the sound it makes--it has a certain rhythm that I find soothing. But when you're in a room of people who would like to talk to each other or listen to music, it can be distracting. It got worse when I started plying because the bobbin I used was worn in the center so it rattled. At one point when I stopped it seemed eerily quiet in the room. That was when I realized just how much noise I was making. Even with new bobbins, I should ply at home.

Don't get me wrong. I think the Fricke is a great wheel and a new one probably won't make the noise mine does with worn bobbins. I like my wheel a lot, and I love what it can do.

Note to self: Next time, take the camera out of the bag and take at least one photo at the spin-in. Thankfully Spinnity did reach for her camera and snapped these photos.

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