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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Knitting with Stash & Burn and a contest

Jenny & Nichole from Stash & Burn invited local knitters to meet at Nine Rubies in San Mateo before heading to the Maker Faire.

Thanks to Saloni, Sudha, & Jocelyn for hosting the get together.

Knitting with Stash & Burn .
Front row, left to right: Lisa, Darwin, Stacey, Nicole, Marisol
Back row left to right: (Name?), Sudha, Jocelyn, Laurie, Jasmin, Jenny, Janice, Saloni

I hadn't been to Nine Rubies before, so it was a treat to visit another very nice yarn store in the Bay Area. I looked around quite a bit and almost purchased some linen blend that was on sale (was it 40% or 50% off? something like that) and even dug around in the sale basket to find 6 balls in a nice chocolate brown. But then I thought about my stash... and all the sale yarn in it. Cursed sale yarn. I put it all back. (I'm sure the women at Nine Rubies are cringing as they read this. I'm sorry ladies, but please read on for an explanation.)

Now that's not to say that someone couldn't make something wonderful with that yarn. In fact, there was a beautiful maroon lacey tank knit in that yarn on display. The reason why I put it back is because it seems like sale yarn stays around for the longest time in my stash. I buy it with the best of intentions, but most of the time the motivation is saving money, not inspiration for a project it would be suited for. I suppose what I need to do is have more FWIPs in mind when I shop. Anyway, the yarn is very nice and surprisingly springy for a linen blend and knits up beautifully. Manufacturer? Name of the yarn? No gots. Look for the large basket near the steps leading to the front window. If you buy the yarn, let me know what you make with it and I'll regret putting it back.

The yarn that I would have purchased if they hadn't run out was Baywood Yarns Pearly Twist in Blackberry Jam. By the time I was ready to shop the BB Jam--springy, rich, and very purple--was all gone. I got to admire the hank that Marisol nabbed. Sigh. Next time. If you're not familiar with Baywood Yarns, it's a line from a local dyer named Jo and she sells exclusively through Nine Rubies. Given the Baywood feeding frenzy that I walked in on when I arrived, I'd say there's more than a modest demand for her work.

If you'd like to experience Jo's yarn first hand, enter Jenny & Nichole's contest. You may be the lucky winner of a hank of Superwash Sportweight Baywood Yarn in Harvest.

I should have taken photos of everyone and their projects (wouldn't that have made this post more interesting?) but I was too busy chatting, crocheting, knitting, and browsing. As I've said many times before, "next time".


  • O.K. now I am bummed that I we didn't get a chance to chat --so much going on at the meetup!

    You must be the wonderful person behind the camera:)

    Great post--and sorry about the blackberry jam--it was the only one in the bin that screamed my name heehee.....

    By Anonymous Marisol, at 5/22/2007 1:02 PM  

  • Looks like fun! I was hoping to make it there but our weekend was crazy.

    By Blogger Abigail, at 5/22/2007 3:34 PM  

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