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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stitches West comes to a close

One thing that I enjoy about Stitches West are the people. Friends come together to share their love for fiber and it's a weekend full of familiar and new faces.

Thursday afternoon started with a Ravelry Meet-up where I got to meet Casey & Jess, a couple who was humble and friendly and seemed genuinely touched that so many turned out to express their appreciation for the phenomenon that is almost 90,000 strong.

Many of the local knitters that I know were at the meet-up, but I only snapped a couple of photos.

Chloe sporting an awesome 'do

Spinnity decked out in Koigu

I met Steve & Kathy Elkins at the Marketplace and let them know how much I liked the booth and the podcast. Speaking of podcasts, I ran into Nicole and Jenny from Stash & Burn on Friday and Saturday. Jenny has such a good memory, she asked me about a project that she saw me working on months ago. I wish I could have said it was finished but it isn't. Close though! I stopped by the Cherry Tree Hill booth and introduced myself to Cheryl Potter--we've traded emails but hadn't met until this weekend. And of course I got to visit with Takako and Darlene at the Habu booth which was hopping all weekend.

The Fiber Fiend booth was a magnet for many of the Bobaknitters who were either helping out, spinning, or just hanging out. There's a funny story about Corsica at the SW Fashion Show, but I'll let someone who was there tell it.

The LYS booths all looked like they were doing well and I really enjoyed floating around, seeing what was new, and shopping with my sister on Saturday.

As I was heading out on Saturday, fellow Bobaknitters magically congregated at the Ravelry booth.

Juls finds her photo

Kristi & Abigail

Bobaknitters, Ravelry, and Stitches West

Today was noticeably calmer than yesterday and I only had a few things that I wanted to pick up--

Buttons and closures from Black Water Abbey Yarns

A great story--Dianne drove out from South Carolina just for Stitches West. She blogged about the preparation and her trip and she sure looked happy today--it sounded like she had a great show. I really liked her color sense and made a point to stop by today to pick up a hank. I'm so glad I waited until Sunday because she had just put this out and I had to have it.

Sock Yarn from Creatively Dyed Yarn

Also this year there were a number of manufacturers with booths. Spinnity and I walked by the Universal Yarn booth and I said something about the Burned Macaroni scarf--that caught the attention of Jean Lux, the Sales Director of Universal. She said that after I posted about the scarf, sales of that colorway increased. Whoa. Who knew? So today she gave me a hank of a new sock yarn for Universal.

fibranatura Yummy sock yarn

Free yarn. Gotta love it!

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