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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hand-dyed yarn your way

October's Knitspiration of Silicon Valley meeting was a special dyeing workshop with Margit Sage, the Fiber Fiend.

Knitspiration/Fiber Fiend Dye Workshop

We met at Margit's studio and she talked about color theory, her approach and inspirations for color, and then gave us a hands on demo. Applying the vinegar was one of the most important steps and for many of us the easiest one to forget.

Margit (the Fiber Fiend) demonstrates

After the demo we all had a turn at dyeing yarn. I tried my hand at 2 hanks of sock yarn, one with distinct bands of colors and the other in red/gold/gray.

I would be remiss if I didn't thank the helper-bees that assisted before, during, and after the workshop. Spinnity wound hanks and prepared (and prepared and prepared) dyes for us to use, Pam helped coordinate and brought supplies, and there others including Amy and Jasmine who assisted in the steaming, rinsing, and drying of the yarn.

Thank you all for making this possible, thank you to the guild, and special thanks to Margit and Spinnity for an educational, fun, and fruitful workshop! Margit posted more photos here and here.

Did I mention that I love my yarn?

Sock Yarn - Red, Aztec Gold, Gray

Sock Yarn - Aztec Gold, Blue, Purple, Magenta

I'm ready to follow the election results and am hopeful for the candidates and propositions that I voted for (& against!).

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