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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Potluck anyone?

I've been trying my hand at dyeing, some of which I've blogged about, most of which I haven't. I tried hot pour dyeing last weekend. It sounded easy enough--heat up some fiber in water, add colors, poke, cook, cool, rinse, done.

8 oz of fiber + heat + dye:

Hot pour dyeing

The results were less than thrilling. Trust me, they look better in braids.

Potluck - Cobbler

Potluck - Cobbler

I didn't realize that the yellow traveled to the bottom of the pot and spread farther than I intended. The top bump is heavy yellow/red and the bottom bump is heavy yellow/blue. My first thought was, "Overdye." But then I thought if I made a 3-ply with all 8 ounces, it could turn into something I like.

Stage 7 of Tour de Fleece Stage is promising. Most of Bobbin 1 looks like this (with more yellow):

But the end of the bobbin looks like this:

Bobbin 1 of 3

This might work. If it doesn't, I can always throw it back into the dye pot, right?

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