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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

DVD's that are out of this world

Apollo 13 (*****)
From the Earth to the Moon, Episodes 1-4 (****)

Apollo 13 amazes me. I've seen it many times--I bought the laserdisc when that was the high tech media of the day--but each time I watch it, I find myself caught up in the suspense and triumph of that miraculous story. The ingenuity of the NASA engineers along with the courage of the astronauts--it's compelling to me.

Underneath it all, I think I'm most amazed at what the space program was able to acheive 35 years ago. Think about it. Computers took up entire rooms and only had a fraction of the compute power available in a laptop today. But what they may have lacked in technology, they more than made up for in vision, imagination, and pure will.

The HBO series, From the Earth to the Moon, is excellent as well. What I like about the series is that there is more time to show what was happening at the time--what was going on politically, socially, etc.. Takes me back to when I was just a tyke...


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