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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Not a FWIP

Those who know me well know that I'm not a fan of ponchos. That doesn't mean they aren't fine garments for others, they just aren't for me.

So you can imagine what I thought when I saw this.

Knit Chunky Cabled Poncho


  • That is one sexy poncho. Mmm, hmmm.

    By Blogger Ilona, at 8/07/2005 9:57 PM  

  • Wha' in the? That's one BIG cable, Janis.

    By Anonymous jeni, at 8/07/2005 10:27 PM  

  • That's so much less something that I would want than I pictured it. Huh.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/08/2005 12:03 AM  

  • I like the color, but everything else about it? Wrong. Just wrong wrong wrong. I'm a little sad that they took such beautifully colored yarn and destroyed it like that. :P

    By Blogger Emy, at 8/08/2005 12:26 AM  

  • haha...The Cable that Ate Manhattan!>

    By Blogger Zoebelle, at 8/08/2005 7:51 AM  

  • Holy cow...looks like that cable is trying to strangle her. I can't watch.

    By Blogger Heather, at 8/08/2005 9:55 AM  

  • In the words of a Catty Friend, "That's enough to make the Sweet Baby Jesus cry". Yeah, what she said.

    By Blogger Cattycorner, at 8/08/2005 1:46 PM  

  • Wow, when you said giant cable, you weren't kidding!

    By Blogger Abigail, at 8/08/2005 3:08 PM  

  • I don't know why she's smiling.

    By Blogger kweaver, at 8/08/2005 4:38 PM  

  • You all are too much! Thanks for the comments, they've been making me laugh all day.

    By Blogger Bogie, at 8/08/2005 5:18 PM  

  • Oh, no, the poor Baby Jesus! Can you imagine what a pain in the tuchas it was to knit those giant stitches?

    By Blogger spinnity, at 8/09/2005 10:45 AM  

  • I've got one of those how to knit books where they teach you all the different stitches and how to cable and do tassles this poncho reminds me of that only someone didnt realise you werent meant to put them ALL in the one garment.

    By Blogger Carolyn, at 8/10/2005 2:46 AM  

  • This is the ideal project! Get it done in 4 hours & watch it get regifted every Christmas.
    --big sis

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/17/2005 8:19 AM  

  • This is one UGLY poncho

    By Anonymous Cathie, at 9/05/2005 7:05 AM  

  • Looks like Grandma knit the Barbie another poncho. Doesn't grandma know that Barbie's are too small for human sized cables. And Barbie hate's purple.

    By Anonymous Siannach, at 10/13/2005 4:33 PM  

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