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Friday, August 19, 2005

Things are looking up

Here's an update on the technical issues from last week:

Dell laptop (work laptop):
The PCMCIA socket is bad. IT gave me a loaner computer and swapped hard drives, so all is well.

iPod & iBook:
I was able to go through the Restore process with the iPod by connecting it to a different computer, but it still wouldn't show up on the desktop. In fact, the G4 thought it was an unreadable hard drive and wanted to initialize it.

Time for the Apple Genius Bar.

I scheduled an appointment with a Genius from home--how cool is that?

They tackled my iBook first and reimaged the machine. I had some strange error when upgrading to Panther months ago and the computer's been acting strange ever since. Poof! Applications and files gone, Panther reinstalled.

The iPod was next. It took the Genius less than 5 minutes to tell me there was a serious problem. Well, at least it wasn't me or anything I did. He asked me how old it was--gee, I wasn't sure but surely it was out of warranty, right? Isn't it only 90 days for an iPod?

That's when I found out the warranty was for a year. A year?!

The Genius looked up the serial number and it was exactly a year ago on August 14th. *sigh* I told him that's about when it gave out, a week ago.

Maybe it was my sad face, maybe it was because he was a really cool guy, whatever the reason, he exchanged my paperweight for a brand new iPod!!!

I feel like it's Christmas. Thanks Mr Apple Genius Guy, you're the best!

Oh and about the Clean Air Vehicle stickers, the FasTrak package hasn't arrived yet, but the DMV cashed my check so maybe they're going to send the stickers anyway. Things are looking up.


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