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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Temporary insanity

It hit me tonight at SnB. How else can I explain coming home with this?

(The yarn, not the wine.)

4-1/2 POUNDS of chenille. Fingering weight I think.

And just in case you think there's a big cone in the middle of that angel food cake, think again:

Shelly (I hope I spelled your name correctly!) was destashing at SnB and I heard myself say, "I'll take the chenille." Go figure.

But there are so many things I can make. Pillows for the couch, a throw, a shawl or two (or five), hats, scarfs, a sweater. Heck, with 4.5 pounds, I can probably make them all, and they're going to be fabulous.

But for now I've put it away. I'm still in a state of shock.


  • With 4.5 lbs, you could knit yourself a bathrobe a la 1950's retro style!

    By Anonymous Dianna, at 11/06/2005 8:35 PM  

  • You could knit yourself a whole couch! :)

    By Blogger Abigail, at 11/06/2005 9:40 PM  

  • Oh don't feel bad, some how I ended up with 6 cones of that stuff! A pillow isn't a bad idea, or a throw. Hmmmm.

    By Anonymous Rebekah, at 11/07/2005 9:18 AM  

  • Let me know if you figure out what to make from that. I have a cone of some almost identical stuff (same color, even). I was thinking of making a shawl, but I haven't started yet.

    By Blogger ericah64, at 11/07/2005 10:17 AM  

  • This is too funny. Just think of the look of genuine surprise on the face of the recipient at your next "white elephant" gift exchange! (Oh no, now I've jinxed myself...oops, just kidding...really...I'm sure you'll do wonderful things with ALL this yarn: knitting, macrame, turkey ties, tree decorations, Halloween cobwebs, rope bridges, installations a la Christo's running fence, etc.)
    --Big sis

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/08/2005 7:12 AM  

  • Hey, what a FANTASTIC idea! Because I know someone who has a couch in this exact color. She could probably use a few balls of yarn to make some pillows, or a throw, or whatever.

    But seriously, I don't consider this a white elephant gift at all. It's good quality yarn and it'll make some nice FOs. It's just that there's so much of it.

    By Blogger Bogie, at 11/08/2005 10:52 AM  

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