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Monday, May 29, 2006

2006-08: Baby "UGG" Booties

Pattern: "Suede" Booties from Knitty Gritty
Yarn: Berroco Suede and Crystal Palace Kiddo
Needles: Sole-Denise US5; Uppers-Denise US6; 3st i-cord-Inox US4

Quick to knit, these booties were cast on and finished in a day and a half.

The fake suede was from a trade with Spinnity--she got a lace book and I got 2 partial balls of Berroco Suede. One was the color used for the boot uppers. The second ball was a variegated colorway with the dark brown, a reddish brown, and a light tan. The variegated yarn allowed me to knit parts of the boots in different colors--the soles in dark brown, and the ties in the reddish brown--and I really like how they turned out.

The pattern also calls for Berroco Plush, but the 2 stores that I went to didn't carry it. Emy at Commuknity found a substitute for me, Crystal Palace Kiddo. It's a bit hairy as you can see in the photo, but a quick trim with some scissors will fix that.

I wanted to add ties to the booties to help keep them on the little one's feet, so I improvised and added an eyelet row and i-cord. Unfortuately my handy dandy i-cord maker couldn't handle Berroco Suede, so two 16" i-cords had to be knit by hand. Ugh. Or should I say UGG?

I thought the ties dressed the booties up enough so I opted to not add more "shearling" trim across the instep and down the sides. There's just one word for these, CUTE!

Soon they'll be on the feet of a little boy in Idaho. Hope they send photos.

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