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Monday, September 06, 2004

Swatch-wash: Round 3

Round 3 results for swatching/washing of Valley Yarns 2/8 Merino Wool/Cashmere Blend, swatched double stranded in moss stitch:

Needle Size US#8
After 3rd washing: 17.5st/4in, 8rows/in

Needle Size US#7
After 2nd washing: 19st/4in, 8rows/in

Needle Size US#6
After 1st washing: 18.5st/4in, 25.2rows/3in

That's not a typo for the swatch with #6 needles. I got a little too agressive in the wash with the first 2 swatches, so there's more soaking going on with #6 swatch, similar to how I'll wash the sweater. In fact, it's soaking right now.

The smart thing to do would be to start a #5 swatch right now. But I want to knit the sweater! Blah. I have to keep telling myself that this prep will pay off.


  • I am hearing your swatching woes.. though I have not had to try 3 sizes on my new project I am knitting a new sweater (Crocus) of teeny tiny stitches in The Same Yarn as the Narcisse sweater, but I swatched anyway on my weekend trip to Pt. Reyes. I was confident I would be using the size 1's, since that's what Narcisse uses.. but the swatch, though beautiful, came out 8 sts/in instead of 7 and kinda stiff. And I didn't bring the 2's with me on the trip. So my weekend knitting progress is minimal.

    Watch out for stiffness with your doubled yarn on size 5's!


    By Blogger spinnity, at 9/07/2004 10:29 AM  

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