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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Maybe Misty's in my future

I've been looking for a project for the yarn left over from the VK Flame Stitch Cardigan, and thought that Misty from the the new issue of MagKnits might be a good candidate.

Cute bag.

But I'm not ready to start a new project right now. My WIP list is down to just a handful of projects and I'm comfortable with that. Besides, Misty would require an additional purchase of Peruvian Collection Highland Wool or similar yarn and I really shouldn't buy more yarn right now.

Leaf Lace is coming together so quickly, it's amazing. I've knit up 2/3's of the first colorway--gotta love that kitchen scale--and now it's time to introduce the second colorway.

I also picked up Shhhhhhhh! again. It got stuffed into its project a few weeks ago because I noticed a flub-ub in the pattern a few rows back. I looked at it for quite a while to see if I could fix it by ripping down and knitting back up, but the pattern was too complicated (or I was too tired). Luckily I've been putting in a lifeline every 10 rows, so today I ripped out about 4 rows.

Chullo is finished except for the blocking. Spinnity suggested steaming it in order not to stretch it, which is a great idea. Did I mention it's really big? Really cute, but really big.


  • Nice bag! It looks like a good knitting bag. Remind me to show you the felted bag pattern Margaret picked up for me... another in a long line of FWIP's

    By Blogger spinnity, at 5/26/2005 2:03 AM  

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