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Monday, November 21, 2005

Why toe-up?

Debi commented on the Mosaic progress post and asked,
if you are following a pattern, you obviously have enough yarn, what's the advantage of toe-up vs. top down?

The main reason why I'm knitting these socks toe-up is because this yarn should be enough for 2 pairs of socks. My goal is to finish the Mosaic socks and have enough yarn for the Fair Isle socks.

I'll stop when I have ~2 ounces left of the black yarn.

But, I prefer to knit socks toe-up anyway because I like to try a sock on as I go. I find it's easier for me to get a good fitting foot if I knit toe-up. I consider it a preference, not an advantage--like knitting with 2 circulars vs. magic loop vs. DPNs.

So, I probably would have knit the Mosaic socks toe-up even if I didn't have the yarn constraint.

Okay, not probably. I would have.


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