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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sit and spin

Thanks for your comments about my first singles using a drop spindle. Tani asked what kind of spindle this is. Spinnity, owner of said spindle, thinks it's the Hand Spindle-Nordic Spindle Designed by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts created by Jorn Piel, the standard, not the mini.

Juls asks
ruh-roh! What if you LIKE it?

Exactly. I'm not admitting that I like it, but 4 out of the last 5 blog posts have either been about spinning or contained the word "spinning", and I've added a spindle, nostepinne, and a niddy noddy to my Stitches West shopping list. Sure, sure, the nostepinne & niddy noddy are useful tools for knitting, but who am I kidding? I've been able to get along just fine without them. Until now. *sigh*

Sarah from Bella Knitting writes,
Nice spinning! I'll bet your friends are taking bets on how soon you'll own a wheel.

Spooky. Did you hear about it from a BobaKnitter this week? ;-) There was a discussion about this even before we got together for the spin-in. Is the pool open Jeni?

One more note--I have a sneaking suspicion that there is an underground movement to recruit new spinners and that Spinnity has qualified for at least a toaster if not a microwave oven for bringing Jeni, Kristi, and (gulp) me into the fold.

Just to prove that I haven't gotten lost in spinning, here's a shot of the Flower Basket shawl.

At 250+ sts across, the needle isn't long enough for me to stretch out half of it for a proper photo, but you can see how it's growing.

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  • It was only a matter of time. That Spinnity, she's crafty.

    By Blogger Nathania, at 1/17/2007 10:17 PM  

  • Muahahahaha, our master plan is nearly complete!

    By Anonymous jeni, at 1/18/2007 12:48 AM  

  • thanks for the 411...of course, i now must take you off my reading list because i cannot be tempted. ;)

    By Anonymous .: tani :., at 1/18/2007 6:21 AM  

  • The call of the wheel is known for its hypnotic tones, which suck the listener in and (through some mysterious force)has even been known to draw cash, checks, or credit cards right out of the listener's pocket before they realize just what has transpired. Wheels are magical beasties indeed.

    By Anonymous Sarah, at 1/18/2007 8:18 AM  

  • *BEAM* Your spun yarn is beautiful, and even if you never get fully hooked on spinning (Jeni, put me down for May 21), I think every knitter should know just a little bit about spinning. You know, for science.

    By Blogger spinnity, at 1/18/2007 4:57 PM  

  • I made my own niddy noddy out of PVC pipe, which amuses me to no end.

    By Blogger Emy, at 1/20/2007 6:10 PM  

  • I'm going to have to avoid sitting too close to you at Bobaknit night. Between you and Kristi, that might be a little too much spinning mojo.

    By Blogger Julia, at 1/20/2007 8:21 PM  

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