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Monday, July 02, 2007

We laughed, we cried

Saturday evening was the big send-off for our beloved Kristi and her husband Andy. They'll be leaving for Boulder, CO soon--Boulder-ites, you have no idea how lucky you are.

Spinnity generously opened her house to the local knitters and their spouses and hosted like she didn't have a 4AM wake-up call the next morning for her 2 week trip to Canada. (But of course she did.)

Our illustrious hostess, Spinnity

True to form there was lots of laughter, great food & drink, and a few surprises which brought out loud, uncontrollable laughter. (My apologies to Mary's neighbors.) I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard.

Friends gather

Rachel, Freecia, Cookie & Hollis

Rachel & Cookie

Seltsame, Jill, Abigail, and Hannah

The theme was knitting and spinning (what else?) and it was reflected in the food. Let's see what I can remember (because I didn't take photos of the food). We had deviled eggs where the yolks were yarn balls and each had a pair of mini-knitting needles in them, alpaca shaped pretzels, a lamb-shaped cake, sheep-shaped cookies, along with other goodies like frog's eye salad, veggies & dip, fruit salad, guac & chips, tandoori chicken, and marinated mushrooms & veggies. I'm sure there was other food as well--forgive me if I left out your treat and feel free to leave a comment.

I brought the mushroom dish. The initial plan was to make mushroom skewers in the shape of spindles. But when I saw number of attendees, I went into action with Plan B: Marinated Olives, Red Bell Pepper, Artichoke Hearts and Mushrooms and a mushroom spindle for display.

For the record, spinning corn silk is a challenge.

Portobello spindle with corn silk

We showed our love for Kristi with a few tokens of appreciation, some of which I was able to capture.

Spinning Books

A "talking" ram

Colorado Guide Books

Shear Panic

Chasing Rainbow Roving

IMHO, one of the sweetest moments of the evening was when Kristi opened the present from all--plane tickets for her to come back and visit us.

She'll be back

But tears were soon replaced with laughter and we ate, knit, and talked through the night. It was quite a send off, there's no arguing that. Visit these blogs to see and read more about the party (like the pinata--gotta see the pinata) and be sure to take a look at Freecia's YouTube video of Kristi's sheep encounter.

I have one more post that's in post-production. Here's a preview.

Ewe go girl!

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