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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fiber from Aija

When I saw Aija's blog post with all the pretty colors, I was driven to buy. A couple of emails and a PayPal transaction later and this showed up in my mailbox.

Glass Phaeton

Glass Underworld and Zero stitch markers

So much to spin and so little time! The stitch markers were a lovely surprise. Thank you Aija, they're perfect for my sock needles.

You can see more "jewelry for your knitting" and fiber (soon) in her etsy store.

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  • The second one is really interesting - I can hardly wait to see how that spins up.

    By Blogger Emy, at 6/23/2007 5:21 PM  

  • Oh my! Just gorgeous. I especially like the Glass Phaeton. I'm looking forward to seeing them spun up too!

    By Blogger no-blog-rachel, at 6/24/2007 6:02 AM  

  • Awww - this is some really beautiful roving, the colors are so inspiring! I'm looking forward to seeing how it spins up! Happy spinning!

    By Anonymous Dipsy, at 6/24/2007 10:12 AM  

  • Very pretty...

    I bet that you never thought you would have posts that didn't contain any knitting, did you?


    By Blogger Cindy, at 6/25/2007 4:49 PM  

  • Have fun with them! Lately, I worry I'll just want to spin and never knit again :)

    By Blogger aija, at 6/25/2007 7:50 PM  

  • Beautiful roving!I really like the glass underworld.

    By Blogger jessica, at 6/28/2007 9:37 AM  

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