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Monday, September 13, 2004

Swatch-wash: Round 4

Round 4 results for swatching/washing of Valley Yarns 2/8 Merino Wool/Cashmere Blend, swatched double stranded in moss stitch:

Needle Size US#5
After 1st washing: 20st/4in, 27rows/3in

That's it! The elusive 20st/4in is finally reached after 4 swatches and multiple washings. Oh yes, there were more washings between the Round 3 posting and this one, but I didn't bother you with the results since they weren't on target.

The #5 swatch has been washed again, only to increase the softness.

At some point, I'll cast-on the Threepenny Pullover and get started on the real sweater. Jeez, it seems like I've been stuck in the swatch-wash cycle forever.


  • Woo hoo! Gauge! That's great, Janice. How many grown-up sweaters will this make for you this year? At least 4, right? At this rate, your closets will be full of fabulous knits!

    By Blogger spinnity, at 9/14/2004 8:09 AM  

  • Let's see... the VK Cable Cardigan will be 4, so this one will be 5. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if this project went into 2005. It's not going to be a fast one.

    By Blogger Bogie, at 9/14/2004 9:13 AM  

  • That's a lot of swatching - I'm glad it turned out well in the end! Good luck with the pullover!!

    By Blogger Ilona, at 9/15/2004 4:29 PM  

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