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Sunday, September 12, 2004

What the *(&# ??

JaWoll Sport superwash sock yarn. Have you used it before? Each skein comes with it's own spool of matching reinforcement thread. Cool.

So I bought 6 skeins on eBay a while ago. Yesterday was the day to swatch the next pair of socks--would it be the A Step Above socks? or something else?

Spinnity already swatched the A Step Above socks and found that long color runs would not work well. After pulling out a yard of the JaWoll, I knew it wasn't the right pattern for this yarn.

Maybe Broadripple? Swatching a bit on Addi #1's looked good. #1's are too small for this yarn, so the socks will be done in Addi #2's, but that's a minor point.

Now for the pattern matching... I like my socks to match.

Yard after yard of the yarn gets pulled out of each skein. The color changes don't match. What's going on? Am I doomed to make fraternal socks? But wait, there's something funny about the pattern. I go back to the beginning of each skein and write down the color changes. Then it hits me.

One of the skeins was wound backwards at the factory. Aaarrggh!


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