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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

There is justice in this world

It's been quite a day. It started at 8AM while I was on my way to work and got a call from someone on the East coast who needed help with a report. Unfortunately it didn't end until 7:45PM when I was finally able to drive home. No lunch, no dinner... I didn't even get to finish my morning coffee!

As I'm getting on the freeway I look in the rear view mirror and see a car coming really fast. It's one of those 2 lane on-ramps that merges down to one lane very quickly. It's already down to one lane and narrowing, so I accelerate faster. Does the approaching car slow down? Of course not! He passes me on the left shoulder going ~80mph. OMG.

What do I do? Like any CA driver (who's had a really rough day), I take the accelerator all the way down and follow. I have no idea why it made me feel good to act just like the idiot right in front of me, but it did. It was only after I glanced at the speedometer and saw I was quickly approaching 90mph, that reason started to take over. So, I slowed down to a normal speed and let the jerk-o-witz go on his merry way, changing from lane to the other.

As I'm slowing down, I notice a CHP cruiser getting on the freeway. Back to reality and 65mph. But just like when you daydream about what you would do if you won the lotto, I thought, "Gee, wouldn't it be great if the shoulder-passing-speeding-dork and Officer Friendly had a close encounter?

Well, there is justice in the world. I soon saw the cruiser's lights come on as it started escorting a car to the right shoulder. I had to change to the right lane and slow down to get a good look. Yes, yes, YES! There was that piece of crap Ford Escort with out-of-state plates with the beacon shining into its back window. See ya sucker!

It's a sad state of affairs when you get satisfaction from someone else's misfortune. Sorry. I'll work on it.


  • Well look at it this way...

    It's good that the cop pulled this person over. It seemed that the Ford-Escort-driving speed-demon could have been endangering the lives of many other people on the freeway. This is how road-rage ends in fatalities. So don't be so hard on yourself for being glad that they got pulled over. I'm sure it was all for the safety and good of the community.

    Or you could just call it Good 'Ole Instant Kharma. *smirk*


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/16/2004 7:56 AM  

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