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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Plan B

I'm shirking the Pomatomus toe-up challenge and am executing Plan B, choosing a different yarn. (Thanks for the brainstorming session Cookie, but I'm taking the easy way out.)

I ran across a photo of Pearl's Pomatomus socks in Lorna's Laces. She said had plenty of yarn leftover.

So this morning I went shopping for sock yarn--in my stash. From the suitable candidates--

Elann's Sock It To Me Colori in Seadrifter,

Lorna's Laces in Camo,

I chose the StrickSpaß Superba.

But I should finish Alice or Threepenny before starting a new project. Should.

Catty Corner wrote:
You could always do wristlets with the leftover Koigu or add to the stash for a Koigu Klimt scarf. I also like Cookie's idea for a solid toe.

And I see there has been progress on 3-penny. Any recent pics or update?

Actually, the Koigu is not leftover yarn. The full hanks don't have enough yardage to knit Pomatomus as the pattern is written. I'll save the Koigu for a future project.

Threepenny has been on hold in favor of Alice. The sleeves are longer and I'll probably snap a photo or two when they're finished. Thanks for asking!

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  • I like the colors of that yarn. There's also an option C (for Cookie) which is to only knit one sock. Then you definitely have enough Koigu. :-)

    By Anonymous Cookie, at 3/04/2006 10:58 PM  

  • All the colourway yarns are very beautiful and I love them crazy.

    By Blogger handknit168, at 3/05/2006 6:43 PM  

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