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Monday, March 06, 2006

Plan D

So much for the StrickSpaß Superba.

Nice in the skein

3mm needles: stacking

2.5mm needles: spiral

I'm not ready for Plan C--to only knit one sock in Koigu--so it's on to Plan D.

Elann's Sock It To Me Colori in Seadrifter

2.5mm needles

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  • I like Plan D. Although there are some symmetrical fun things about the others- waves in texture and color? hmmmm.

    By Blogger Cindy, at 3/06/2006 7:18 PM  

  • But the spirals are so cute!!!

    By Blogger Emy, at 3/06/2006 7:24 PM  

  • Yikes, that pooling is bad! Plan D is a good choice. I love how the yarn is knitting up. Can't wait to see your Pomatomi! (I don't know if that's the plural, but I like to say it anyway.)

    By Anonymous Cookie, at 3/06/2006 7:45 PM  

  • I'm with Emy, I kind of like the spirals too. The yarn you're using is nice too though. Either way, I'm sure the socks will be gorgeous!

    By Blogger Abigail, at 3/06/2006 8:59 PM  

  • Oh, yes. Plan D is gorgeous. But the stacking was so cute! Vertical stripes in a vertical pattern. Still, if you gotta knit 'em, you oughta love the look. And the sea colors are v. well suited to the waves of the Pomatomus

    By Blogger spinnity, at 3/07/2006 1:37 AM  

  • the stacking wasn't to bad really! ;o)) I just casted on a pair myself with KP Memories nto sure yet how it's going to come out just started first row of chart A
    Good Luck!

    By Blogger mf, at 3/07/2006 5:47 PM  

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