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Friday, June 11, 2004

So close! Then the frog jumped in...

Rip-it rip-it.

Rats. Last night I finished weaving all the ends in on the cable/lace cardi, then started the buttonband. It's not just a buttonband of course, it's 2 rows of crochet that goes up the RF, around the neckline (the really wide neckline), down the LF, then around the bottom. The first row is SC. No problem.

The second row is reverse SC. Huh? "Working from left to right, work reverse SC in each SC." Thank goodness for the internet because reverse SC was no where to be found in the VK glossary. Anyway, reverse SC is a very cool finish--it looks like a corded edge. This would be perfect for the edge of a potholder or dishcloth.

So I'm working my way down the LF in reverse SC, and then I notice that the LF edge is all wavy and stretched out. Aaarrrggghh!! Eventhough the SC looked fine, the reverse SC accentuated the fact that I placed my SC's too close together on the LF edge. Great. Basically, I'd have to rip out all of the crochet work and start again to fix it. But, it will be worth it--it will look so much better when it's done right.

Guess what I'll be working on today?

Coming soon: photos of the wavy reverse SC and the funktified yarn.


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