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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back to knitting

Enough with the iPod nonsense--but thanks to all for commiserating.

Back to knitting!

Debi wrote,
I wonder if there is any way I could get a copy of your free pattern for the Panda Cotton? I have the yarn (pics on my blog) and I've written to Sue at Crystal Palace yet the pattern STILL is not posted on their site! I would really love to use your pattern :)

I just heard from Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns. With TNNA behind them and the yarn shipping, look for the Early Spring & Crystalline Lattice patterns to be posted on their site soon, perhaps in the next week.

The Flower Basket shawl is coming along nicely, although it doesn't look very impressive. There's enough yarn left for 2, maybe 3 more 10 row repeats. Each row takes about 15min which means I'm close and far at the same time.

Finally, I picked up a Boye Needlemaster for song.

Becky posted a message on Knitters Review Forums and was looking to sell, so I snapped it up. See the silver circ in the front? The note on it says,
This is not part of the set, but it was in the case so it's yours now!
Thanks, Becky

No, no, thank YOU Becky!

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