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Saturday, March 11, 2006

2006-05: Alice

Pattern: Alice by Alexandra Virgiel, size 38-1/2"
Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style, 9 skeins Moss and 4 skeins Nutmeg
Needles: 3.5mm Inox circulars, 24" & 29"

It's my just-in-time-sweater. We're having record low temperatures and even snow here in the Bay Area so a nice warm wool sweater is just what I need. This is the 3rd time we've had snow this winter. Unheard of.

Back to the sweater--it should be blocked, but it still counts as an FO, doesn't it? After all, most of the body was blocked last month.

I took Jeni's advice and knit a hem at the bottom of the sweater and at the cuffs. The hem is similar to the one on Nothin’ but a T shirt, by Alison Hansel.

  • Cast on over a circular needle. Knit 7 rounds of st st, purl the next round, and then knit 7 more rounds of st st. Close the hem in the next round by knitting the sts together with cast on edge.
Alexandra was nice enough to confirm that adding the hems would require more yarn than the pattern called for. Luckily I was able to get another skein from the same dye lot.

The shoulder shaping was done with Japanese short rows and the shoulder seams were done with a 3-needle bind off. The back of the collar was put on a stitch holder and the garter st trim was knit directly onto the live stitches. Finally, sleeves were knit at the same time using 2 circular needles and were lengthened by 1/2".

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  • LOVE the sweater - it came out so pretty! And the color combo is perfect!!

    By Anonymous Dani, at 3/11/2006 4:35 PM  

  • I love it too! Just curious - why did you decide to do Japanese short rows for the sleeve shaping?

    By Blogger Sophie_vf, at 3/11/2006 5:41 PM  

  • Awesome! It looks fabulous on you! And what's up with the weather? My brother's visiting from Chicago and complaining about how much colder it is here. That's just WRONG.

    By Anonymous Cookie, at 3/11/2006 6:53 PM  

  • Thanks everyone. I like Japanese short rows for the shoulder shaping because I prefer to use a 3-needle bind off for the shoulder seams and because they blend in so well--thanks for reminding me, I forgot to add the 3NBO to the post.

    By Blogger Bogie, at 3/11/2006 7:13 PM  

  • It came out very nicely. I like the greens!

    By Blogger Kimberly, at 3/11/2006 7:55 PM  

  • That turned out absolutely gorgeous! And I really love the colors. Becky just saw it and is demanding one. I haven't even gotten half-way thru mine yet. Sheesh!

    By Anonymous jeni, at 3/11/2006 9:10 PM  

  • Wonderful sweater...nice job!!

    By Anonymous knit-n-purl zen, at 3/12/2006 5:46 AM  

  • Alice is just beautiful!!

    By Blogger DK, at 3/12/2006 6:04 AM  

  • Your sweater is gorgeous and it fits you so well. :-)

    By Blogger Momo, at 3/12/2006 6:45 AM  

  • Alice is gorgeous!

    The snow on the hills is freaking me out a bit though. Niels keeps asking to go sledding.

    By Blogger Abigail, at 3/12/2006 10:15 AM  

  • What an awesome sweater! I love how it looks on you, too. Great color choices!

    By Blogger Ilona, at 3/12/2006 10:50 AM  

  • Alice fits you perfectly! What a flattering line for you. Also, I love the knitted hem and cuffs. Very finished looking.

    By Blogger goodkarma, at 3/12/2006 10:52 AM  

  • What else can I say? It's perfect!

    By Blogger fig, at 3/12/2006 12:39 PM  

  • The sweater came out AWESOME! I love it! The colors are awesome too! Thats such a breathtaking scenery picture too! IS that where you live?? WOW! Beautiful!

    By Blogger mf, at 3/12/2006 12:50 PM  

  • That came out wonderful! great job. I really like the detail work on the top. nice~

    By Blogger Nessie Noodle, at 3/12/2006 12:52 PM  

  • Alice came out great. I like the hem idea. The weather here is pretty crazy huh? We went up to the summit this weekend and played in it. I felt like I was in Tahoe. Oh, and your photo looks like it was taken from my neighborhood. I wonder if we live close to each other. I'm in 95139.

    ~ Christina

    By Blogger Christina, at 3/13/2006 4:21 PM  

  • Stellar! The sweater looks great on you & is so well executed, right down to the details. Congratulations!

    By Blogger spinnity, at 3/13/2006 4:41 PM  

  • Very nice! I'd say it's worth the wait. And you aren't kidding about the weather... I'm wishing I had decided to start a bulky wool sweater a few weeks ago, but I thought spring was too near!

    By Anonymous Jo, at 3/13/2006 10:27 PM  

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